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During the Period of July 2012 to October 2013, the following chapters and individuals have contributed to the P&R Fund. Total contributions were $2,675.00.

Donations Agua Caliente #1359, Oak of the Golden Dream #381
Honorarium Marvin Baxendale Judy Holland
Honorarium Don&Mary Jo Carroll Maryann Francis
In Memoriam Sue Bedwell California State Questers, Heritage Reflections #952, Joanne Vestal, Joanie Colette, Barbara Johnson, Sylvia Rathbunn
In Memoriam Virginia Brophy El Camino Real #1353
In Memoriam Sue Buono Oak of the Golden Dream #381, Millennium Oaks #1374, Sylvia Rathbun, Roberta Harris, Judy Holland, Joan Colette
In Memoriam Tom Colette Canyon #334, Joan Colette, Roberta Harris, Sylvia Rathbun
In Memoriam Betty Cooper Rancho Monserate #1261
In Memoriam Rudy Cordova Oak of the Golden Dream #381, Roberta Harris, Barbara Johnson
In Memoriam Ellen Denalhy Adobe #375
In Memoriam Harry Francis Forty Niners #652, Sylvia Rathbun, Roberta Harris, Joan Colette
In Memoriam Marilyn Gocka Heritage Reflections #952, Joan Colette
In Memoriam Mary House Roberta Harris, Barbara Johnson
In Memoriam Polly Purcifull Rancho Monserate #1261
In Memoriam Jane Robertson Valley Heritage #168, Sierra Searchers #1305, Oak of the Golden Dream #381, Roberta Harris, Sylvia Rathbun, Joan Colette
In Memoriam Gloria Rowe Sierra Searchers #1305, Judy Holland
In Memoriam Carol M. Slatten Todos Santos #233
In Memoriam Suzanne Snedden Joan Colette
In Memoriam Marnee Thompson Barbara Johnson
In Memoriam Kathy Williams Oak of the Golden Dream #381, Joanne Vestal, Joan Colette


Completed Preservation & Restoration State Grants up through 2013

Amador #1059 Kitchen tools for the Alviso Adobe, Pleasanton

Cinco Cuidades #1351 Paulding House Floor refinishing, Arroyo Grande

El Camino Real #1353, Tabard Inn Library Bookcase Restoration and purchase of books for display at the Oceanside, CA library.
De Tolosa #1184, conservation of art work by Cen Dallidet. On display at the Dallidet Adobe and Gardens.
Cinco Ciudades #1351, camphor wood chest from England in 1840. On display at The Dana Adobe.
El Molino #599, restoration of Persian carpets. Feynes Mansion, Pasadena.
Agua Caliente #1359, museum lighting at the Rios Caledonia Adobe.
Amador #1059, restoration of farm table in Heritage Park, Dublin.
Oak of The Golden Dream #381, restoration of wood floors, Pardee House, Heritage Junction.
Millennium Oaks #1274, restoration of existing plaster, Dudley House Museum, Ventura.
Adobe #375 Point Pinos Light Fixtures



Questers Live Oak #1166 Completion of a Rock Faced Wall at Pioneer Odd Fellows Cemetary (2016)

Members of the Preservation and Restoration Committee of The Questers Live Oak #1166, are all smiles sitting along the recently completed rock faced wall at the Pioneer Odd Fellows Cemetery.  The chapter raised funds, applied for and received a Quester state grant, and installed a retaining wall to prevent grave slippage at the cemetery.  The cemetery is the final resting place of several of Fallbrook’s early pioneers including the Gird Family and the Reverend William Pittenger, a civil war Medal of Honor winner. 


Oak of the Golden Dream#381 Restoration of Lamppost at William S.Hart Mansion
Oak of the Golden dream has completed the project of restoring an original, late 1920’s lamppost that stands at what was once the entrance to the retirement ranch of silent movie star William S Hart.

Hart’s Newhall, CA ranch and hilltop mansion was willed to Los Angeles County at his death and is now home to the Santa Clarita Historical Society. Local Quester chapters have contributed to the restoration and preservation of several of the park's historic structures in on-going projects.

Our project involved having new wiring run to the lamppost, rewiring the lamp, and replacing the missing glass panes. Now the 80-year-old lamppost lights the new pedestrian entrance to William S Hart Park from dusk to dawn. —For the first time since the 1950’s.

Photo Courtesy of Roger Basham

Adobe#375 Restoration of Light Fixtures at Point Pinos Lighthouse

Recently Adobe took on a project to complete light fixtures for all the rooms upstairs and downstairs. This effort will result in the installation of historically accurate fixtures and, in some cases, replace inappropriate or imitation antique fixtures.

For a complete article please visit the Point Pinos Website:

El Camino Real #1353 Restoration of Tabard Inn Library Bookcase in Oceanside Library
The Tabard Inn Library revolving bookcase, circa 1900 to 1905, was restored by the El Camino Real Questers as displayed in the Oceanside, CA library. Tabard Inn Library bookcases were placed in train stations, hotel lobbies, etc where members could exchange books for 5 cents after joining the subscription library. Pictured are Questers
La Verne, Nielsine, Natalie and Carol, with library staff.

Right:Tabard Inn Library books, circa 1900, acquired by the El Camino Real Questers, are shown filling the shelves. This book acquisition P & R project is ongoing.

Selection of Tabard Inn books, many with Art Nouveau motifs, purchased by the El Camino Real Questers. On the bottom row are examples of the Tabard Inn Library bookplates found on the inside of each book.

Amador #1059 Resoration of Farm Table at Heritage Park, Dublin

Amador members in front of the Heritage House in Dublin, CA.

Amador funded and a chapter member made the farm house table used by the volunteers and guests.

Diana M., Susan Y., (creator of the farm table) and Alice D.

De Tolosa #1184 Conservation of Art Work by Cen Dallidet Displayed at the Dallidet Adobe
The P&R Project that the De Tolosa Questers undertook was the conservation, stabilization and framing of the art by Maria Ascencion Dallidet.

With the help of a State Matching Grant we were able to accomplish that.

Certificate of Recognition awarded to the Questers for the continuing support of the Dallidet Adobe and their statewide focus on the promotion of regional history.
June 10, 2012
Some of the pictures are currently part of an exhibit at the San Luis Obispo History Center, others at the Dallidet Adobe.
Kaweah Kollectors #1428 Plaques for Visalia's Histortic Recognition Progam

First of up to 14 plaques was dedicated October 13, 2011 in Visalia.

There were three Palace Hotels built following the discovery in 1872 of Silver in Mineral King (located in the high Sierras above Visalia). The first one was built in San Francisco, next Visalia then Porterville. The hotels provided lodging for investors in route to the silver mines. The Palace Hotel's upper story in Visalia remains essentially unchanged from the 1930s.

Questers State Ways and Means Chairman Judy H. poses with Linda B of Kaweah Kollectors at the dedication ceremony.
Cinco Ciudades #1351 Camphor WoodTrunk For the Rancho Nipomo Dana Adobe
Wanda, one of our members, found this trunk online in an auction (or on Ebay?) Justine, another member, bid on it and we were able to get it for a great price. It was later appraised for $2000 though we paid much less. It was from 1847, the right historical period, and just what the Rancho Nipomo Dana Adobe wanted.
Live Oak #1166 Pittenger House in Fallbrook
Major improvements to our P&R project, the kitchen and dining room of the Pittenger House, (Sgt. William Pittenger 1840-1904, a Union Army Soldier) are complete .